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Millennium Global Holdings, Inc. is the holding company of one of the largest and most diversified range of businesses in the Philippines that focuses on developing products and services. It was originally incorporated on May 19, 1964.  On February 18, 2013, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved the change of its corporate name to MG as well as the change of the business’ primary purpose to a general holding company.

Security Information

  Sector    Holding Firm
  Incorporation Date    May 19, 1964
  Number of Directors    11
  Meeting as per
   June – last Friday
  Fiscal Year    12/31 (Month/Day)
  External Auditor    Valdes Abad & Company, CPAs
  Transfer Agent    STSI


Contact Information

  Business Address   Lot 9 Block 2, John St., Multinational Village, Paranaque City 
  Telephone Number  
 (063) 551-25-75
  Website   www.millennium-globalholdingsinc.com

Stock Information

Stock performance as of December 29, 2014:

  Stock Code         
  MG    Stock Exchange    PSE 
  Par Value   0.10         Currency   Philippine Peso 



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