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Board Committee

Executive Committee - The executive committee shall possess and may exercise all the powers of the Board of Directors in the management and direction of all the business and affairs of the company.

Audit Committee - The committee enhances the Board's oversight capability over the Company's financial reporting, internal control system, internal and external audit processes and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Nomination, Compensation and Election Committee - The committee ensures that through a managed and effective system consistent with the by-laws, board elections are made that provide a mix of proficient directors, each of which is able to add value and to bring prudent judgment to bear on the decision making process. It likewise makes recommendations to the Board on matters pertaining to remuneration and compensation packages of corporate officers and directors, after conducting review and evaluation.

Corporate Governance Committee/ Risk Management and Oversight Committee - The committee is tasked to assist the Board in the performance of its corporate governance responsibilities. The committee also has the oversight function on the Company's Risk Management System to ensure its functionality and effectiveness.


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